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CityBuildTrade is a renowned leader in construction industry. Our unmatched experience has brought us to the largest projects we have ever had. CBT portfolio includes dozens of accomplished projects, few collaborations and nine international constructions.

Today everyone has a chance to build its capital by investing in our business. Together we can build a new future.

May 17, 2022

Coins Loader Truck Extended

Dear builders and investors!

Since Coin Loader Truck plans turned out to be popular, promo gets extended for 20 more days. In addition, new bonuses are allocated for each of the subplans:

- Coins Loader 550: +10%

- Coins Loader 1100: +20%

- Coins Loader 2200: +30%

Let's consider a situation:

  • Suppose you made a $1000 deposit to Coin Loader 1100 plan.
  • Normally your total profit would be $9500 including your principal deposit.
  • However, the applied bonus will give you a $200 bonus deposit bringing additional profit of $1800.
  • Eventually your total profit including bonus will be $11300.

Coin Loader plans offer the following benefits:+

  • 1. A wide variety of supported payment methods: BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, XRP, DOGE, TRX, XLM, BNB, BCH, BTG
  • 2. An ascending profit depending on the deposit size. The bigger the deposit, the higher becomes your profit.

CBT sets for all its transactions a fixed exchange rate for cryptocurrencies which ensures that CBT clients will get a guaranteed fixed profit in crypto, regardless of coins exchange rate fluctuations. It means that by making a 1 BTC deposit you will certainly receive 2 BTC when choosing an investment plan with 100% net profit. Please consult CBT's FAQ page to see the actual fixed coin rates in relation to USD.

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