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Accepting BUSD & USDT (TRX) stablecoins
Dear builders and investors!

From now on CBT investment platform allows investing using new payment methods:
1. USDT stablecoin (TRX token).
2. BUSD stablecoin. (BNB token).
USDT has a value equal to US Dollar which means that exchange rate fluctuations will not affect final profit.
- Transaction fee size is defined according to standard fee price across USDT network. USDT transaction fee size at the moment of this publication was $1-2.
- For USDT/BUSD withdrawals the system charges a $1 fee
- Transactions in TRC20 and BNB networks are confirmed by nodes. It means that deposit crediting and withdrawal operations require some time to be processed.
- Referral commissions are credited using the same payment method that was used by your referral when he made a deposit.
All operations using Perfect Money including deposits and withdrawals keep functioning in normal mode.

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CBT building engineers.
Oct-15-2021 02:34:28 PM